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The following pages provide interesting facts about the Hebblethwaite name, associated locations, and notable Hebblethwaites from history or fiction, past and present.
General Information
What's in a name? The origin of the Hebblethwaite surname and Distribution of Hebblethwaites (Clusters)
Coat of Arms Description of Coat of Arms and places where it may be found
Buttons An opportunity to buy buttons with the Hebblethwaite family crest
Family Search Page View messages requesting information on other Hebblethwaites
Gravestone Photographs A list of Hebblethwaite grave photographs
Heraldic Visitations Descendants of James Hebblethwaite of Sedbergh and the meaning of Heraldic Visitations
Navy Cut Tobaco Tin Tin printed with the Hebblethwaite name and crest
Pedegree Charts A selection of charts and information for Hebblethwaite researchers
War Graves A PDF file listing Hebblethwaite War Graves compiled by Roger Hebblethwaite
War Memorial Hebblethwaites commemorated on the war memorials at Wooldale Church, Holmfirth, Yorkshire
Web Sites Links to other Hebblethwaite web sites
Hebble River and Trail Including the Calder and Hebble Navigation in Yorkshire
Hebblethwaite Hall Located near Sedbergh, Cumbria. Also see Hebblethwaite Cave and Wood below
Hebblethwaite Cave For Hebblethwaites who prefer life underground! Situated in the woods near Hebblethwaite Hall
Hebblethwaite Memorial Gate Located in Tisbury, Wiltshire, in memory of Flight Officer Edwin ‘Peter’ Hebblethwaite
Hebblethwaite Mill Situated in Hebblethwaite Wood near Sedbergh, Cumbria
Hebblethwaite Wood Scenic woods near Hebblethwaite Hall
Hebblethwaites in Marthwaite Another place near Sedbergh, Cumbria, linked to Hebblethwaites
Middleton Hall and Killington Hall Located near Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria. 
Read Thomas Machell's account of his visit in 1692 as Antiquary on Horseback
Sedbergh Grammar School A link to the Hebblethwaite family through the first headmaster, Robert Hebblethwaite
Alexander Hebblethwaite, Quaker Captain Alexander Hebblethwaite, champion of the Quaker cause in Dent, Yorkshire
Allison Hebblethwaite, Artist Fantasy Art at Elfwood
Brian Hebblethwaite, Author Theological writer
Columbus Hebblethwaite and Ages Ago An Operetta by W S Gilbert with Columbus Hebblethwaite, suitor to Rosa
David Hebblethwaite, Artist More modern art
Frank Hebblethwaite and the Amazonas Tramway Frank Hebblethwaite, an English Engineer, built this in 1895
Ginger Hebblethwaite The protégé of Biggles, hero of the adventure books by Captain W E Johns
HS Hebblethwaite's Comic Postcards Horace Sydney Hebblethwaite, Caricaturist
James Hebblethwaite, Tasmanian Poet Australian verse by James Hebblethwaite with biographical details
Margaret Hebblethwaite Theological writer
Paul Hebblethwaite, Author Author of works on agronomy
Paul Hebblethwaite, Adventurer First profoundly deaf person to sail around the world on the Time & Tide Global Challenge
Peter Hebblethwaite, Author Theological writer
Roger Hebblethwaite and the Oriel Boat Club Song A sporting Hebblethwaite from Oxford who also produced a list of Hebblethwaite War Graves
Sarah Hebblethwaite More Fantasy Art at Elfwood
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