General Information
Coat of Arms
The Arms of James Hebblethwaite of Sedbergh are: 
Argent two pallets Azure. On a Canton d'Or a Mullett Sable pierced gules
A demi-wolf ermine issuant from a ducal coronet Or, En Avant
The mullet pierced (5-pointed star) is still used to mark Hebblethwaite Hall sheep to this day. 
Harold Hebblethwaite, writing to the Sedbergh & District History Society in 1988, stated that there are at least three examples of the Arms: in the church at Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria; Bridlington Priory (Hatchments); and the old dining room at St John's College, Cambridge. The heraldry is similar to the Lancastrian Plantagenets with the difference of the Canton d'Or and the Pierced Mullett.
Below Left: The Arms of Hebblethwaite and Middleton (top), and Fawcett and Hebblethwaite (bottom) located in the north end of the Ancient Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Kirkby Lonsdale

Below Right: The Arms of Hebblethwaite at St John's College, Cambridge. Photograph supplied by Peter Hebblethwaite

Stained Glass Windows, St Mary's, Kirkby Lonsdale
Arms in St John's College
Crest supplied by Nigel Ebblewhite
I am also indebted to Nigel Ebblewhite 
from Dundee, Scotland, for supplying 
the crest shown opposite, which 
was made by a friend. The motto is 
French for Ahead!
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