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Dark Ice and Fire by Allison J Hebblethwaite.. Allison J Hebblethwaite - Artist
"Heyas! I'm Allison, sixteen years old and still working on improving my skills. I know I need to work on alot of things from shading, detail, to expression. Alot of this stuff I've recently sketched from scratch because before signing up for Elfwood, my fantasy pictures were few and far between. 

I draw because it comes as a natural yearning, I suppose..everytime I see something I like I picture how great it would look on paper. It's just the way I think. I'm not sure of my goals, because I don't know if I have the talent to make it in the competitive art area. Constructive critisism is appreciated! I don't mind it at all, and if it's possible I'd love tips on how to color or work with computer programs. 

I see drawings so excellently done and realisting and I'd love to know how. It's difficult being completely self-taught. I also know alot of these 'sketches' didn't take me as long as they should of. Afterall, it is summer vacation and it's tough to be motivated enough to focus my efforts. 

Ah well, that's enough for all. Enjoy!" 

Allison's work was available at the Elfwood Web Site. Elfwood is a non-profit project created and maintained by 
Thomas F Abrahamsson and helpful assistants. It runs at Lysator ACS in Sweden:  http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/
The link is currently not available.

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