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Heraldic Visitations
In the late middle ages more families started to bear coats of arms and illegal assumption grew. In the 16th century systematic heraldic visitations began by warrant of the king. Their mandate was to put down, deface, and destroy any items bearing unlawful arms and denounce offenders by proclamation.

Visitations were carried out for more than 140 years and records and findings now comprise the Library of Visitation Books of the College of Arms. A chart showing the descendants of James Hebblethwaite of Sedbergh appears in the Visitations of Yorkshire 1584-5 and 1612. The visitations of 1584-5 were made by Robert Glover, Somerset Herald, and the visitation of 1612 by Richard St George, Norroy King of Arms.

Heblethwaite of Sedbergh
Reproduced from the edition by Joseph Foster, 1875

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