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Sedbergh Grammar School 
A link exists between the well-known Sedbergh Grammar School in Cumbria and the Hebblethwaite family. In 1525, Roger Lupton began to provide for a Chantry School at Sedbergh, and a few scholars were gathered under the Chaplain, Henry Blomeyr. Upon his death in 1543, he was succeeded by Robert Hebblethwaite, who had been admitted to the Fellowship at St John's College, Cambridge in 1538. In the period 1546-1548 many chantries were dissolved and their assets seized by the Crown. Sedbergh was saved by the pleadings of Dr Lever, the Master of St John's College, before the King and was re-established as a grammar school from 1551 with Robert Hebblethwaite as first headmaster.
Sedbergh School Crest
A further link with the school was established through Henry Hebblethwaite, citizen and draper of London. By Will dated 27.06.1587, he left £500 for the purchase of lands for the foundation of two scholarships at St John's College for poor and friendless scholars of Sedbergh School.

A more detailed history of Sedbergh School can be found in Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent by W Thompson MA, published 1892. Copies of this publication are available in the library at Kendal, Cumbria.
Click on this link to see the Sedbergh School website: http://www.sedberghschool.org/

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